How Can Red One Medical Help You Find Qualified, Vetted & Responsible Contractors?

Red One Medical knows that Contracting Officers want knowledgeable, experienced partners who know the ropes of the FAR and can navigate the Federal contracting marketplace. As a Contracting Officer, the last thing you want to deal with are companies who don’t have it together or don’t know what they’re doing.

Red One Medical partners with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, small and large medical device distributors, pharmaceutical corporations and small and large medical device manufacturers. We have many types of partners in the medical industry but our most important partner is you, the Contracting Officer. Our prime directive at Red One Medical is to insure that our partners in the medical device industry are responsible, competent, compliant and qualified to work with you and your agency. Red One Medical serves as a powerful government contracting resource to all of our partners and one of the ways we make sure they are qualified to work with you is to educate and empower them to do business with the Federal government. Red One Medical has extensive experience on both sides of the Federal contracting marketplace and our leadership has decades of government contracting involvement. This means that we vet and verify our partners and if they aren’t up to speed, we coach them and work with them until they are ready to do business with your agency. In order to insure that our partners are consistent and meet our standards of excellence, we employ a corporate culture of education, institute policies of both professional ethics and correct government contracting procedure and deploy our team of Federal contracting experts that can do everything from optimizing their SAM registration to writing Proposals and even creating custom R&D solutions to solve an agency’s problems.

Red One Medical’s Corporate Culture serves to Make Contracting Officers’ Jobs Easier.

First we insure that our private sector partners are qualified to do business with your agency through:


  • Training on how to do business with your agency

Ethical Coaching

  • Communication, honesty and transparency with Federal agencies


  • Optimized registrations such as SAM, DSBS and other government portals
  • Consistent, simplified capability statements designed for ease of use
  • Letters of supply and availability of technical documents when necessary


  • If a company isn’t registered in SAM, SeaPort-e, or some other agency specific portal or contracting vehicle we’ll get them registered and ready to do business with you.
  • If a company doesn’t understand how to use DIBBS we’ll facilitate the process.
  • If a company needs a GSA Schedule to business with your agency, we’ll help them along that path.

Red One Medical as a SDVOSB Reseller and Facilitator

SDVOSBThe vast majority of our partners already meet our quality standards and are experienced government contractors but if they aren’t up to speed, Red One Medical will act as a facilitator making sure they are ready to do business with your agency. If your agency has special needs or desires, we will work directly with you to make sure that the partner who has the best solution to solve your problem meets and exceeds all of your agency’s requirements. This means that you will never deal with companies who aren’t registered properly, have a poor capability statement or aren’t qualified to bid on a solicitation or provide a custom solution.

Acting as a SDVOSB Reseller we facilitate the sale of products and services on behalf of our partners, many of whom already have GSA schedules to which Red One Medical has access. We have certified letters of supply and dedicated supply pipelines from all of our manufacturing partners and distributors. Moreover we provide readily available capability statements for all of our partners showcasing their core capabilities, socioeconomic qualifications, differentiators, set aside qualifications and past performance all contained in a one page, easy to read document.

As an Experienced Federal Contractor We Understand the Keys to Successfully Working With Contracting Officers and We Teach Our Partners These Ethical Skill Sets. Our Goal Is To Make Your Job As a Contracting Officer as Easy and as Painless as Possible.

Open Communication Is Our Policy

The following are policies that were developed for Red One Medical by former Contracting Officers who were asked to create a contracting road map for Red One Medical to follow. Red One Medical understands that to be a successful government contractor and for our partners to be successful government contractors there are many key factors. Under the guidance of current and former Contracting Officers we have instituted a corporate culture which we pass on to each of our partners that emphasizes the following four key points.

  • Always Communicate (We understand that Contracting Officers hate surprises)
  • Never Assume Anything
  • Ask Questions
  • Always Be Transparent and Honest with Contracting Officers

Our Corporate Culture is One of Proactive Communication with Contracting Officers

We communicate about the status and progress of each contract, good or bad throughout the entire duration of the contract. We advocate for and practice truthful reporting and full disclosure with the Contracting Officer throughout the contract’s lifecycle. We accurately assess challenges and setbacks and develop an action plan with our partners to overcome these challenges. When reporting challenges or setbacks, we make sure to have that action plan in place to address the challenges and get the contract back on track.  Because Red One Medical is extremely selective in choosing our partners and because we are so proactive in verifying their qualifications and empowering them to succeed, we seldom experience setbacks or serious challenges. However, when setbacks or challenges do occur we are truthful when communicating them to the Contracting Officer. Likewise the Contracting Officer is kept informed of positive outcomes and successes throughout the duration of the contract. When developing our road map and shaping our culture, one of the main points our team of Contracting Officers expressed with certainty is that Contracting Officers don’t like surprises. Through the policy and practice of effective communication, our goal is to eliminate any surprises and keep Contracting Officers knowledgeable and informed as to the status of their contracts.

Part Of Effective Communication Is Information Redundancy

Red One Medical advocates for information redundancy concerning the status of all contracting projects with the key personnel and staff on our team. In addition, we teach informational redundancy as a cultural principle to our network of partners. We understand that information redundancy and communication are prime concerns for Contracting Officers as sometimes situations can occur that cause key team members to be unavailable or unable to participate in the duration of the contract for whatever reason. It is important that all the key players involved with the contract are knowledgeable about the details of its status and have access where authorized, to the goals, timelines and progress of the contract. Agencies depend on contractors to be responsible and able to provide Contracting Officers with information and solutions. Contractors simply can’t rely on one team member to know the status of a project or the project becomes dependent on that individual. This isn’t how responsible contractors conduct business and instead, we teach information redundancy within a team environment of authorized personnel. This enables Red One Medical and our partners to always be able to provide Contracting Officers with accurate information about the status of a contract and more quickly address contracting challenges with appropriate solutions.

Red One Medical Never Assumes and Always Communicates

One mistake many contractors make is to assume they are within their contracts parameters without effectively communicating with Contracting Officers and program managers. We advocate for and teach our network of partners to  get confirmation from Contracting Officers and program managers that work is proceeding as per schedule and more importantly that work is being carried out within the scope of the project specifications. Simply put, by keeping Contracting Officers and program managers informed as to the contracts status and by soliciting feedback from the Contracting Officer and their team, contractors can be sure that they are performing adequately throughout the life cycle of the contract.

Red One Medical Asks Questions, Gets Feedback and Takes Action

One important guiding principle of our corporate culture is to ask questions. More specifically to ask for constructive feedback from Contracting Officers as well as partners and make sure we are listening with open ears and open hearts.  We believe that responsible contractors need to continually ask questions to ensure that our work is within scope, that our partners are doing a good job, and that the personalities of our partners and team members are working together well.  Red One Medical understands that we can’t fix problems which we don’t know exist.  We teach our partners that problems are inevitable but the real key to being a responsible contractor is doing what must be done to fix them once problems are discovered. By asking questions, soliciting feedback and communicating with Contracting Officers honestly, we can address challenges while they are still small and be a reliable contractor that Contracting Officers and Federal agencies can depend on.

Transparency and Honesty with Contracting Officers

Red One Medical advocates for and teaches our partners to always be as transparent and honest with Contracting Officers as possible. We mandate that our manufacturing and distributing partners be forthcoming with Contracting Officers as to their capabilities and limitations and also concerning their cash reserves and ability float project costs. Red One Medical performs pre-assessments with our partners and teaches them to set realistic expectations concerning their capabilities to deliver products and services to agencies and Contracting Officers. We always aim to ascend slightly over and above on the project deliverables and we train our partners to exercise the same culture.

Red One Medical as a High Reward, Low Risk Partner

Buried deep within our philosophy for success is the knowledge that sometimes challenges arise and obstacles occur. Red One Medical knows that Contracting Officers need high reward, low risk partners that can plan for setbacks and obstacles. While we go to extensive measures to vet and verify all of our partners, manufacturers and distributors, we know that it is impossible to completely eliminate risk. While not all risk can be eliminated, it can be planned and prepared for. Red One Medical has a vast network of qualified partners who provide millions of products and services and who are dedicated to providing quality solutions to agencies under contract with Red One. Our Risk Management team is quickly able assess challenges and present solutions and alternatives from our network of manufacturers, distributors, providers and partners. While many contracts are specific, Red One Medical’s Risk Management team works with Contracting Officers directly to provide alternatives and contingencies when prime or subcontractors fail to perform to satisfactory standards. We positively respond to challenges and we want Contracting Officers to know that we always have a plan in place to do so. While we take every precaution to partner with manufacturers who have positive track records and empower our partners to exceed the expectations of agencies, we also plan for contingencies in advance and proactively respond to the needs and desires of Contracting Officers and program managers. Red One Medical understands that Contracting Officers want to know there are contingency plans in place in the rare instances that problems arise.

Red One Medical Provides Complete Solutions to Federal Agencies and Contracting Officers

Red One Medical is an SDVOSB Reseller who partners with manufacturers and distributors to provide medical products and services to Federal agencies. We are much more than just a reseller however. We have a vast network of:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Medical Device Distributors
  • Medical Device Research and Development Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Doctors, Surgeons and Doctors Organizations
  • Fortune 100 and 500 Companies Who Provide Custom Solutions

Prime & Sub-Contractor Pairing Through Red One Medical’s Network Of Partners

Because our network of partners is so extensive and diverse we can provide Contracting Officers and Federal agencies with more than just commercial off the shelf products and services. Our partners provide a broad range of products and services and have extensive research and development capabilities. Red One Medical works with Contracting Officers and agencies to understand their needs as or before their problems arise. We can partner with agencies to bring together the right companies (Prime and Subcontractors) to create custom solutions or complete solutions for Contracting Officers and Federal agencies. We pare together prime and subcontractors frequently to meet FAR compliance and contracting mandates. By putting together vetted and verified prime and subcontractors we are able to provide a solution that will satisfy the needs of any contract and make the Contracting Officers job easier. Many times Red One Medical can directly fulfil the Contracting Officers contract acting as the prime contractor while pooling the resources, products and services of many companies to accomplish the Contracting Officers goals and desires. As a Contracting Officer you will always have a direct open line of communication and a direct point of contact at Red One Medical who can provide you with real time project information.