How Can Red One Medical Help You Grow Your Sales In The Government Market?

Red One Medical creates new opportunities for medical device distributors and sales reps by giving them unique access to Federal contracting solicitations and partnerships. As you can see, the Federal government is the largest purchaser of medical device products and services in the world, but government contracting can be rough waters to navigate for new sailors. Red One Medical helps medical device distributors and sales reps by cutting the red tape and leveraging its special SDVOSB status to give sales reps special access to VA and other Federal facilities.

Medical Device Distributors Can Increase Their Sales To The Federal Government By Working With Red One Medical

Fiscal Year 2015

Gov. Spending On Medical Devices:


In 2015 The Government Spent Over $5 BILLION On Medical Devices
Per Day
Per Week
Per Month

Agency Forecasting & Acquisition

Red One Medical’s contracting analysis team has spent the last five years researching and mapping the forecasting of all Federal agencies extensively. We comb through hundreds of millions of Federal contracts monthly, track Federal agency spending, track subcontracting awards, monitor GSA and micro purchase spending and assess the time tables and cycles of each Federal agency’s forecasting data as it comes to fruition. Red One Medical knows how to approach Federal agencies with preexisting and custom solutions, products and services, based on their spending cycles and the forecasting needs for those products and services. Red One Medical takes a proactive approach to these spending cycles and forecasting trends, approaching agency decision makers well in advance of their forecasted needs.

Sample Forecast Reporting

Understanding The Advantages of Red One Medical’s Unique SDVOSB Status

SDVOSBEven if you have had access to VA facilities in the past, by taking advantage of Red One Medical’s Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status (SDVOSB) you can gain priority with VA and other Federal agencies. SDVOSB is the highest priority status awarded to small businesses who work with the VA. There are several mandates in the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) that help small businesses with SDVOSB status sell to the VA and the Federal government. In other words, if you haven’t been successful selling to the government or the VA in the past, our SDVOSB status can be a game changer.

As an Experienced Federal Contractor We Understand the Keys to Successfully Working With Federal Agencies and We Teach You, Our Partners These Ethical Skill Sets. Our Goal Is To Get Your Products Into The Hands Of The Agencies, Hospitals & Clinics That Need Them And To Make The Process as Easy and as Painless as Possible.


Raise Your Salary

Increase Your Commission Through Federal Contracting

On average medical device sales reps who have SDVOSB access can increase their income cap by 32%+. Red One Medical acts as a SDVOSB reseller and facilitator, helping distributor sales reps negotiate new Federal contracts and providing them access to SDVOSB priority contracts. Red One Medical has a vast network of preexisting relationships with many Federal agencies but specifically with the VA. We have spent the last decade networking with VA facilities and program directors who often solicit us for Plug and Play solutions. We can not only give you SDVOSB priority but we can also pair you up with our other partners to provide complete solutions to VA facilities and agency offices. Sometimes it takes more than one distributor or manufacturer to provide a complete solution and in those instances Red One Medical can bring all the players together to fulfill larger contracts. Because we have such a vast network of partners from doctors’ groups to fortune 100 medical device manufacturers we can provide VA facilities with solutions that satisfy the Federal mandates for including smaller players. What does this mean for you? Prime access to lucrative subcontracting opportunities by taking advantage of our network of partners.

Gain Access to Small Business Set Aside Contracts

Red One Medical also has unique access to Small Business Set Aside Contracts. Every Federal agency has mandates to set aside Federal dollars for small business. Each agency gives different priority to the different types of Set Aside Statuses. We have already established that the VA gives the highest priority to the SDVOSB status which we maintain. Through Red One Medical you will be able to gain access to these small business set aside contracts in addition to the other types of larger solicitations which we have discussed above. In the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) there is a mandate known as The Rule of Two.

The Rule of Two States:

1.) If the contract is between $3,000 and $150,000, it’s automatically reserved for a small business with the corresponding priority status.

2.) If the contracting officer does not have access to at least two responsive, responsible small businesses, he/she is allowed to award to any qualified contractor through full and open competition.

3.) If the opportunity goes to full and open competition, the contracting officer must justify their decision. That justification is reviewed and accepted or rejected by other members of the acquisition team – including the Small Business Advocate.


Less Competition, More Opportunity For Small Business Set-Aside Contracts

By working with Red One Medical you have a greater chance of winning Federal set aside dollars. Red One Medical can present an agency or facility with a choice between several of our partners and their unique solutions. Often times this is less than a handful of players, but more than enough variety to satisfy agency mandates. In other words, it’s much easier to offer solutions through Red One Medical where competition is far less competitive and competitors are far less numerous. When contracts reach full and open competition there are a multitude of competitors and competition is fierce in this arena. Many times Red One Medical will advocate for you and bring these set aside contracts to your doorstep. We do this by offering your products and services to agencies and by directly involving you in the discussion with the agency office or VA facility.

Benefits Of Working With Red One Medical:

  • Gain Access to SDVOSB Priority Facilities
  • Gain Access to Low Competition, Small Business Set Aside Contracts between $3,000 and $150,000.
  • Gain Access to Subcontract Sales Through Our Partners Network and Partnership Programs
  • Red One Medical Advocates on Your Behalf To Federal Agencies and the VA
  • Red One Medical Supports Your Sales Initiatives Through Our Contracting Sales Team
  • Increase Your Income Potential by 32%+
  • Gain Access To Continual Yearly Growth Through Government Contracting