Doctors are the Future of the Medical Device Industry and Med Device Companies Ought to Start Listening.

Our industry is driven by constant evolution and innovation. Medical device technology is always evolving to create new solutions, simplify surgical procedures and reduce risks and costs.  Our colleagues on the ground level are the doctors and surgeons who use medical devices in their daily practice and who are familiar with the improvements and limitations of the current technology. At Red One Medical we believe that it is the doctors and surgeons experiencing the failures and successes of medical device products who hold the most valuable insight into the modern medical device industry. Governments in developed countries are reducing their healthcare budgets, resulting in ongoing pressure to reduce costs and lower margins in medical device manufacturing. This trend is becoming a driving force in the way medical device products are researched, developed and implemented. Red One Medical understands that the need to comply with increasing regulatory complexities in global markets is also driving up costs and increasing the risk of costly compliance failures. These trends cause a negative influence in the way both small and large medical device companies conduct new research and development and cause frustration for doctors who end up with medical devices that don’t solve their problems.  Our goal at Red One Medical is to turn the tide of the industry by learning from and partnering with doctors who face these challenges on a daily basis. We bring doctors’ groups and medical device manufacturers together as we advocate for research and development based on the needs and experience of the doctors practicing medicine with the tools currently available to them in the medical device industry.

We Are Advocates & Partners On The Side Of The Doctors

By bringing doctors and medical device manufacturers together, new solutions are developed each year based on the needs of real patients. These patient needs are brought to light by the doctors who partner with us and work together with our vast network of medical device manufacturers to create new and innovative products that reduce costs and risk as well as save lives.

While smaller medical device manufacturers have traditionally driven innovation in products and services, they are being joined by an increasingly crowded field of larger companies in developing markets and by new companies with fresh viewpoints and data analytics capabilities. Responding to these trends, larger medical device manufacturers are shifting their R&D budgets towards new medical device manufacturing technology and now is a critical time in deciding who will most influence that process; governments and hospitals or doctors and their patients?

Why Should You Partner With Red One Medical?

By partnering with Red One Medical, doctors can help to shape this new medical device landscape and have a real impact on the direction the industry takes next. Red One Medical works with a vast network of large and small medical device manufacturers, as well as federal agencies to address the industry’s needs as a whole. Our doctor-partners have full access to all of the current medical device options available from all of our network of medical device manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers. Not only do we work with manufacturers and doctors to innovate new solutions but we also serve doctors as a supplier of the widest variety of cutting edge medical device products available.

Red One Medical provides products and services to over 22 federal agencies, hundreds of VA facilities and hundreds private hospitals across the nation. We work with program managers and hospital administrators to provide doctors and surgeons with the medical device tools they need to improve quality of care for their patients and reduce costs to their practice. Red One Medical is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) who works extensively in the government contracting arena as well as the private sector. By partnering with doctors and surgeons Red One Medical is able to provide doctors with the latest cutting edge medical device solutions and offer medical device manufacturers a valuable collaboration with our doctor-partners that is changing the way manufacturers innovate. We believe that medical device companies need to embrace more inclusive innovation models, collaborate more openly with doctors and with a broader range of partners and pursue greater integration with suppliers, development partners and healthcare providers.

Become a doctor-partner with Red One Medical and truly become part of a solution to help us shape the direction of the medical device industry.

Benefits Of Working With Red One Medical:

  • By becoming a doctor-partner you will gain access to the most cutting edge products and services in the medical device industry, as provided by our vast network of large and small medical device manufacturers.
  • Doctor-partners are part of a collaborative team that provides essential feedback to our network of manufacturers and distributors. That feedback directly results in the innovation of solutions that meet your specific needs as a doctor and your hospital’s mandates. By partnering with Red One Medical you will directly help to create the tools and solutions you need most.
  • Red One Medical works directly with our doctor-partners and healthcare facilities to introduce and implement the latest medical device solutions. We support our doctor-partners and advocate for their needs to healthcare facilities and organizations and we can be an influential component to granting doctors access to the tools they need.
  • Red One Medical has the ability to directly negotiate medical device costs with our network of manufacturers and distributers. When a hospital denies a medical device solution, Red One Medical can often overcome cost issues and provide our doctor-partners with the tools they need at the prices healthcare facilities can afford.
  • Red One Medical has extensive federal contracting experience. We help our doctor-partners work with agency program managers, contracting officers and hospital/VA administrators to provide the medical device solutions they need. Red One Medical cuts the red tape of government contracting and puts the tools in our doctor-partners’ hands that they need most.