Red One Medical

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Red One Medical is a full service medical contract outsourcing company that connects leading medical device manufactures with the Federal marketplace in order to improve patient care. Our mission is to provide customized healthcare products and services to government agencies and their patients. Through our extensive partnership network of key Federal decision makers, doctors groups, medical device manufacturers and Fortune 100 and 500 companies, we help government agencies identify their patients’ medical needs to provide them with customized solutions.

Our company was founded by medical device experts and contracting professionals who understand the difficulty that leading medical companies have navigating the Federal marketplace. We also understand the difficulty which government agencies, contracting officers, program managers and small business specialists face selecting qualified, responsible contractors who provide the right solution to fit their needs. We strategically communicate with agency officials from the top down; listening to their goals and improving their medical services.

SDVOSBWhile we are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, there is nothing small about our distributor network or manufacturer supply chain. We have guaranteed priority lines of production and supply through our vast network of industry leading manufacturing partnerships. Red One Medical is the premiere choice for all of your medical instrument needs.

Contracting Officers

How Can Red One Medical Help You Find Qualified, Vetted & Responsible Contractors?

Red One Medical knows that Contracting Officers want knowledgeable, experienced partners who know the ropes of the federal acquisition regulations (FAR) and can navigate the Federal contracting marketplace. As a Contracting Officer, the last thing you want to deal with are companies who don’t have it together or don’t know what they’re doing. Red One Medical partners with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, small and large medical device distributors, pharmaceutical corporations and small and large medical device manufacturers. We have many types of partners in the medical industry but our most important partner is you, the Contracting Officer. Our prime directive at Red One Medical is to insure that our partners in the medical device industry are responsible, competent, compliant and qualified to work with you and your agency. Red One Medical serves as a powerful government contracting resource to all of our partners and one of the ways we make sure they are qualified to work with you is to educate and empower them to do business with the Federal government.

Small Business Specialists

How Can Red One Medical Help You Find Qualified, Vetted & Responsible Contractors?

Red One Medical is a SDVOSB who partners with OSDBU Representatives and Agency Small Business Specialists to provide products and services from pre-vetted and verified vendors who meet agency mandates. Because we are intimately familiar with the FAR, we coach each of our partners, medical device manufacturers, and medical device distributors until they have the proper communication tools and small business certifications to qualify for small business set aside contracts. We understand that OSDBU Reps and Small Business Specialists want contractors who have first class capability statements, registrations in the necessary systems, and quality products or services. Red One Medical has a vast network of medical device manufacturers and distributors who meet various small business set aside statuses. Because of this the Small Business Specialist and Contracting Officer are able to quickly satisfy their market research mandates and select not only the best solution to solve their agency’s problem but also chose from a variety of small business providers with multiple set aside qualifications/certifications.

Small Medical Device Companies

How Can Red One Medical Help You Sell To Government Agencies?

Red One Medical is the perfect partner for small medical device companies who are looking to break into the Federal marketplace or expand their access to Federal contracts and awards. Among the many advantages Red One can offer is our vast network of partners within the Federal government. We have pre-established relationships and direct lines to many Federal agencies and programs to include the Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business Program (SDVOSB). Our SDVOSB status gives us access to SDVOSB set aside contracting opportunities as well as unique access to subcontracting plans with major manufacturers and distributors.  This is beneficial to small medical device companies because we can use our SDVOSB status to give you prime access to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) while harnessing our relationships within the VA and other agencies to give your company and its products and services exposure to these agencies.

Large Medical Device Companies

How Can Red One Medical Help You Grow Your Governement Market Share?

Regardless of how well intermediate and larger sized companies compete in the private sector, the challenges of the Federal marketplace will prove to be fluid and formidable. Red One Medical understands that even for Fortune 500 corporations who do well commercially, the Federal marketplace can be littered with obstacles and plateaus. For companies experiencing new and unique challenges in the Federal arena, Red One Medical can be the perfect partner for achieving sustainable growth and tactical insight within the Federal marketplace. Red One Medical intimately understands the Federal marketplace and the Federal contracting landscape. Our contracting analysts have 50+ years of experience on both sides of the contracting award process. Our analysts are former Federal agency program managers, contracting officers and small and large business specialists. They have extensive experience developing and awarding sole source contracts, open solicitations, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and negotiating GSA and GWAC contracts and schedules. Red One’s team of contract analysts have helped companies in the private sector win hundreds of millions of Federal dollars through our partnership programs. We know which agencies are your prime targets and how they do business with your competitors.

Medical Device Distributors & Sales Reps

How Can Red One Medical Help You Grow Your Sales In The Government Market?

Red One Medical creates new opportunities for medical device distributors and sales reps by giving them unique access to Federal contracting solicitations and partnerships. As you can see, the Federal government is the largest purchaser of medical device products and services in the world, but government contracting can be rough waters to navigate for new sailors. Red One Medical helps medical device distributors and sales reps by cutting the red tape and leveraging its special SDVOSB status to give sales reps special access to VA and other Federal facilities. On average medical device sales reps that have SDVOSB access can increase their income cap by 32%+. Red One Medical acts as an SDVOSB reseller and facilitator, helping distributor sales reps negotiate new federal contracts and providing them access to SDVOSB priority contracts. Sometimes it takes more than one distributor or manufacturer to provide a complete solution and in those instances Red One Medical can bring all the players together to fulfill larger contracts.

Doctors & Surgeons

How Can Red One Medical Help You Attain The Best New Technology You Need?

Doctors are the Future of the Medical Device Industry and Med Device Companies Ought to Start Listening. Our industry is driven by constant evolution and innovation. Medical device technology is always evolving to create new solutions, simplify surgical procedures and reduce risks and costs.  Our colleagues on the ground level are the doctors and surgeons who use medical devices in their daily practice and who are familiar with the improvements and limitations of the current technology. At Red One Medical we believe that it is the doctors and surgeons experiencing the failures and successes of medical device products who hold the most valuable insight into the modern medical device industry. Governments in developed countries are reducing their healthcare budgets, resulting in ongoing pressure to reduce costs and lower margins in medical device manufacturing. This trend is becoming a driving force in the way medical device products are researched, developed and implemented. Red One Medical understands that the need to comply with increasing regulatory complexities in global markets is also driving up costs and increasing the risk of costly compliance failures. Our goal at Red One Medical is to turn the tide of the industry by learning from and partnering with doctors who face these challenges on a daily basis